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And it’s not just Valentine’s Day when those foods appear, but it’s something I deal with all year long.From a positive standpoint, I think I’m actually staying healthier, especially on Valentine’s Day, because all of those sweets listed above are ‘junky’ and not particularly good for you.If you’re spending all of your time with someone, they should probably know how to use the life-saving medication that you might need.I also used to show all of my friends how to use it just in case.”— Alie“I’m not sure if people who don't believe in food allergies or don’t take them seriously are bad people to date in general, but I know they would be terrible people for me to date, so it’s always good to know they have that attitude.My next best piece of advice would be to not present it like it is a serious obstacle or problem.Most of the people you date will probably be able to figure out how to work it out.” — Alie“The best advice I can give from one teen to another is trust your date and KNOW what you are eating.If he's not willing to share your struggle, then he's not worth your time or your heart.” —Rose“From my point of view, all dates will involve food. To avoid foods out in public, the best thing to do would be either just hanging out with the person or going to a park.The movies and shopping, especially at malls, will involve you buying food or even just being around food.

Normally, I will hear my friends ask me, 'Hey, can you have this? Anyone I interact with on a regular basis is aware of my allergies and that I carry an Epi Pen®.

Here’s what they had to say:“It is definitely very frustrating not being able to eat the foods that many other people can eat without worry.

Some of the very common sweets I can’t eat include M&Ms, Kit-Kats, Reese’s, Nestle Crunch and many more.

It can also be fun to stay in and bake or make something that you can eat.” — Alie“Josh and I enjoy watching sunsets together.

Bowling is a fun activity that involves exercise and doesn't involve food. Snow tubing is fun in the winter, and in the summer, the pool is a great!

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Musicals or ballets are great ways to enjoy culture and art together (have to be careful about concessions, though! ”— Rose“My best advice is make sure you know and trust the person you are with.

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