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However, visitors will access the site by electric cars.

EXPLORING a gorge in south-east France in 1994 for prehistoric artefacts, Jean-Marie Chauvet hit the jackpot.

Yet, a few mystifying human representations were also found.

Although drawing and engraving are the two most common types of Paleolithic cave art, painting largely predominates at Lascaux.

The virtually identical replica (80% of the original paintings reproduced) became a popular tourist destination, with approximately 250 000 visitors per year.

In order to get to such depths, they sometimes had to overcome dangerous cave-dwelling felines and bears, break through walls of stalagmites, and even cross underground lakes.However, the cave closed in 1963, after signs of deterioration caused by carbon dioxide from the breath of visitors appeared.In 1983, only a few hundred meters away from the original cave, Lascaux II opened.They already include fine examples of realistic painting, and so must have been preceded by a long-term development of artistic style and technique.Their beauty still moves us more than 30 millennia after they were created.

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Around 40,000 years ago, modern humans (homo sapiens sapiens) migrated from Africa to Europe.

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  1. In general, the northern terraces have had sufficient time for rivers to cut deep channels, while the newer terraces tend to be much flatter. Their origin can be traced back to the early Gulf of Mexico, when the shallow ocean had high rates of evaporation.